library collection

The Library is rich in collection of materials including text and reference books, Magazine . Library holdings in sanskrit, philosophy, education, political science, economics, literature among many other subjects. It is having a special collection on Raja Rammohun Roy.


As per Accession Register library has 32103 books including text and reference.

Journals / Magazines

  1. Desh (Bengali) Website outlink
  2. Khela (Bengali)
  3. Sastha (Bengali)
  4. Susastha (Bengali)
  5. Gyan o Bigyan (Bengali) Website outlink
  6. India Today (English) Website outlink
  7. Outlook (English) Website outlink
  8. The Competition Master (English)
  9. Competition Affairs (English) Website outlink


  1. The Statesman ( Bengali) Website outlink
  2. Protidin (Bengali) Website outlink
  3. Times of India (English) Website outlink
  4. The Statesman ( English) Website outlink
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